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At Michelle Erwee Attorneys we help individuals and companies in need of legal assistance. No matter is too big or too small for us to handle, and no client to unimportant. Michelle Erwee Attorneys is a committed and experience solo practitioner focused on the pursuit of justice for all.  Our mission is to provide exemplary, caring and professional legal services to those who have been injured or harmed due to the culpability or negligence by others. We believe that everyone deserves access to our civil and criminal justice system and an equal opportunity to state their case. 



The practice of law is an honorable profession and at Michelle Erwee Attorneys we treat it as such.   We have a duel obligation to represent clients with the most exemplary lawyers whom put the clients’ needs and well-being first and also where those candidates will build our companies’ image and uphold the legal and justice system.  We are committed to create an environment in which individuals and companies can thrive.  At Michelle Erwee Attorneys we strive to form a permanent relationship with every client, individual and company based on trust, loyalty, integrity, honesty and absolute devoted attention to their needs and case. We are not a one-day-one-case law firm; we build lasting relationships in any and every sector of the lives we touch daily whether it may be at home, at business or for a personal matter.  Through efficient, economic, intelligent council and wealth of experience in all fields of the law we will deliver the highest quality of services to our clients.


Winning- We believe in winning. We do not sleep well when a case is lost.  We do not just simply handle a case, we try out best to win a case. People don’t look for a lawyer simply just to handle a case, they want someone who will win it for them

Honesty – Honesty is the key to any successful relationship, professional or otherwise.  If you’re honest with your client, he or she will respect you, respect goes a long way in a professional and long-term business relationship.

Integrity. – We do not twist the truth, we do not withhold any information from our clients about their case just to ease their minds or keep them in the dark.

 Client Centered – We look after our clients’ interests as if they were our own.  we vow to follow up on clients and keep all clients informed of their files and where the process is at, how long will that step take and any other relevant information we can provide you with.

 Exceed – We aspire to exceed our clients’ expectations. We’re not a halfway house, we go the extra mile and get the job done.

Flexibility – We think of ourselves as a very flexible firm where we adjust to a constantly changing society and socio-economy so that we can continuously better ourselves as professionals in the workplace and elsewhere. 


Anna Kapp
08//07//22 15:56:17
Hi Michelle ek wil net baie graag weet wat het van daai saak van my en my man gebeur die 2 Augustus is dit nou al presies 3 ijaar later en ons het in die laaste 2 jaar nog geen nuus van jou gekry nie ons kan skakel whatsapp email daar is net geen komunikasie nie. Ek sal die regtig wardeer as jy myh kan laat weet wat daar aan gaan

Groete Anita En Petrus Kapp
25//02//22 08:36:21
Annmari Smit
21//09//21 08:22:31
Good day

I need help to get my child back
29//12//15 08:56:36
Goeie dag kort dringend hulp onverband met my dogtertjie asook `n skei saak. kontak my asb dringend.
Julius Mogorwa
04//12//14 21:26:41
I am charged with culpable homicide and drink and drive .please contact me ,I really need help to avoid jail and possible expulsion from work .